Torch-On Waterproofing for Flat Roofs, Concrete roofs in Pretoria and Centurion Torch on waterproof

Torch-on waterproofing membrane

Why we use Torch-On Waterproofing

Allow me to explain exactly what torch on waterproofing is and how can it benefit your project and protect it against the harsh South African climate.

Torch on is a sheet membrane system, generally packed in 1m x 10m rolls. This innovative product has been in the South African waterproofing market for well over 40 years and the changes in the manufacturing of the product is all ways evolving making torch on one of the premium membrane systems.

Where is Torch-On Waterproofing used?
Torch on membrane is typically used on flat roofs and decks, balcony’s, planter boxes and below ground. The torch on waterproofing systems are made of sticky, viscous organic liquids and Bitumen, essentially it’s a hydrocarbon made from crude oil, this is the one key components of this membrane system no matter who the manufacture is. It’s non-harmful to the environment, highly effective against water and has a number of unique qualities; bituminous torch-on is widely considered to be one of the most reliable membrane systems for qualified waterproofing contractors.

This product can be used on both commercial waterproofing and domestic waterproofing projects.

There are 2 types of torch on membranes APP and SBS?
APP is a Atactic Polypropylene Plastic modified asphalt. It melts well when heated with a torch. this is the most commonly use torch on membrane in South Africa.
SBS Styrene Butadiene Styrene is a rubber modified asphalt. It doesn’t torch well. Heavily used on built up wall flashings or areas that need a highly flexible sheet.

When installing torch on its important not to combine these 2 very different systems they are not compatible.

Can anyone install Torch-On Waterproofing?
The simple answer to this is NO, some distributors or manufactures of the torch on membrane system will sell the product to anyone.

Other or more reputable distributors and manufactures won’t sell it to just anyone, they generally have their own installers they have known for a number of years or will train the applicator over a period of time doing site inspections at every stage of every project until they are confidant the applicator can install this system without inspections this should take years.

Installing the flat sheet is easy, it’s the detail work that catches the inexperienced applicators out every time. It takes experienced applicators such as Speciality Waterproof & Roof Company to install this product.

What makes up a torch on system?
The best aspect of this product is its versatility; depending on the architectural design the system can be adapted to meet the needs of most projects.

I have listed below just a few ways the system can be used; there are 4 components that can be used to make up this system.
Liquid primer
Vented base sheet (not commonly used)
3mm base sheet
4.5mm mineral cap sheet (the mineral chips make this product UV Stable and highly trafficable)

A primer must be use if your installing the torch on over plywood, concrete (this is the most common sub-straight) compressed cement sheet or brick and blocks.

System 1, torch on Primer with a single layer of 3mm base sheet torch on – typically for under decking or under tile and planter box systems.

System 2, torch on Primer with single layer of 3mm base sheet and a cap sheet with mineral chips torch on – typically use on commercial rooftops, open air plant equipment rooftops and garden rooftops.

This system can also be mechanically fixed as well, eliminating the need for a primer and making the rooftop breathable.

What is Torch-On Waterproofing made of (APP)?
Torch on is a flexible waterproofing membrane consisting of a mixture of penetration bitumen, modified with Atactic Polypropylene (APP), and reinforced with a layer of non-woven polyester, The upper surface can be finished with a mixture of talcum and sand or mineral chip depending if it’s a base sheet or cap sheet. The under finishing consists of a thin layer of Polyethylene foil. This membrane is flexible and resistant to tears as well as punctures.

Torch-On Waterproofing Advantages

Some of the benefits offered by torch-on bitumen waterproofing include the following:
Suitable for full water immersion as well as sub-soil applications, it an ideal application for sealing Rooftops, Flat Roofs, Concrete Roofs, Roof Slabs, Decks, Balconys, Box Gutters and Planter Boxes. It’s able to protect buildings while retaining harmony with the building’s environmental surroundings thanks to a range of mineral finishes offered.

Torch on used for Green roofing solutions offers a simple way to seal your project and reduce carbon footprints; torch on membranes have an extremely long life span, with the majority of membranes offering global standards in quality. Fumes released during installation are not harmful to humans and there is low noise pollution during application.

Torch on membrane system will Protect insulation and have the potential to reflect harmful sun rays (some products even contain photovoltaic cells that can produce solar energy) it’s also Non-water soluble, non-biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.

As a qualified waterproofing applicator who always strives to offer customers the latest in technology, Speciality Waterproof & Roof Company is excited to offer torch on waterproofing to our customers who want to take advantage of this eco-friendly, highly effective solution.

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Where is Torch-On Used?

Rooftops, Flat Roofs, Concrete Roofs, Roof Slabs, Decks, Balcony's, Box Gutters, Retainer Walls, Cavity Walls, Underground Bunkers and Planter Boxes